life coaching
Pritpal Singh
There are times when we all feel a need to find some help or support in navigating the events and feelings showing up in our lives. We feel like there should be more of something in our lives – more success, more happiness, more love. But sometimes it feels like there is some invisible block in our path. This is often caused by a conflict inside us between the image we hold of our self or a story we have created about what our life should be; and what is the reality of our life. Or there can be an experience from our childhood that has caused us to be arrested in our development, keeping us collapsing back into the conditioned response we learned in our youth that no longer serves us in our adulthood. Sometimes, we self-sabotage our dreams with attachment to specific expectations that restrict our ability to be spontaneous and adaptable to the unfolding of our life; or with a negative-minded inner voice constricting our own evolution and expansion.

In my life coaching work I endeavor to listen deeply in each session to what is between the words; what is behind the language being spoken. I call on my intuitive mind to be alert to whatever is really calling out to be recognized and discussed. Using my training in Core Dynamics Coaching, my focus is to help each client develop their own intuitive strengths so that they can use their subtle sense of knowing rather than continuing to rely only on thinking. Then going deeper, I help the client to resolve or release the conditioned responses which have locked the client in a self-referenced dead-end. Using all the sensitivity I have gained from many years of meditative practice, my goal within each life coaching session is to assist the client to become fully present with himself and embrace the natural wisdom of his own unique experience of life with joy and grace.

Sessions can be scheduled as individual sessions or as part of a series. A series of sessions is usually scheduled one session per week over a period of 3 or more weeks.
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