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Pritpal has been making recordings since the early 1980s. Unfortunately, several of those recordings are presently out of print. But we have these three recordings which represent some of the best of Pritpal’s music and some of the best within this genre by any musician.

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Pritpal is dedicated to sharing Mantras and selections of Shabad Guru (words which take you from the darkness to
the light) in a musical form that is accessible, lifting the listener to a state of higher consciousness. He has performed this music around the world and is available for concerts or courses.
One Prayer is Pritpal’s latest recording, released in June of 2008. It captures Pritpal’s rich voice with both Mantra tracks and Sikh scripture tracks. Produced by Thomas Barquee, it is innovative in combining East Indian melody with Western musical sensibilities using Harmonium, Slide Guitar, Mandolin, Esraj, Saxophone and Tablas.
One Prayer
Heralds of Victory
Prayer for Golden Temple
Heralds of Victory is a remarkable recording capturing the essence of the Warrior/Saint from the words of Guru Gobind Singh and others. Using contemporary Western instruments to support the sacred Sikh texts bring a fresh sound that fills the listener with a feeling of personal hope and victory.
Prayer for the Golden Temple is Pritpal’s most popular recording. Many people have attested to the healing and soothing qualities of this recording. These particular sacred texts connected to the Holy Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple) create a strong feeling of being in the presence of Guru Ram Das.
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