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The Sacred Experience of Naad
Workshop in One or Two-day format:

Overview: This course will take each student to a deep personal inner
experience of the frequency and vibration of sound – Naad. Through a meditative approach, combining breathwork, chanting, vocal exercises and the learning of “Shabad” (sacred texts set to music) we will progress toward finding an inner voice which expresses our relationship with God. The skills learned may enhance one’s personal practice or may enable one to serve as a “kirtani” (one who leads sacred group singing).

Theory: We will discuss the teachings of Yogi Bhajan about Naad. Also, the traditional knowledge of Raag, the classical musical system of India, and the current understanding about the physics of sound and vibration.

Practice: Several hours will be spent in actual vocal practice developing our ability to both listen and to better focus our voice, paying attention to the effects of physical technique.

In the two-day format, Day One will start with focus on Pranayam (breathing) and Rhyaas (vocal practice). Day Two will take the student deep into the experience of Naad with Mantra and Shabad Guru (singing sacred text).

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