Meditating on Purpose™Workshop in Two-day or in Six-session Teleclass format:

There is no greater experience than knowing that you are living your purpose.

 In the course we will:
•  Become aware of the messages all around us which point to   our purpose.
•  Clarify which directions are true and which are distractions.
•  Set a daily intention of living and serving on purpose.
•  Learn to manage the small and big changes in our life, moving from where we are today to where we want to be, so that we can lead a fulfilling future. 

Six one-hour sessions over the phone or two days in person

Through discussion, writing exercises and meditation techniques we will discover our life's purpose. With on going deep meditation we will support our psyche through the change required to arrive at our destination and support living a purposeful life. Contact me to schedule a workshop at your yoga center or to join one of the upcoming Teleclasses.

For more information call: 505-747-1119 or email
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