From the recording The Clouds Gathered

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The Devil and the Saint

I worked like the devil to be like a saint
I walked in circles instead of going straight
It took me a while but it’s never too late
Now I’m finally free without all that weight

“Fake it `till you make it” is no ticket for life
It cuts both ways, like a two-sided knife
Don’t just take someone’s word, it’ll come back to bite
Life is for living, even the struggle and the fight

Some focus on the outer things in life’s arc
Sometimes it seems that’s how to make your mark
But it’s the inner work you do with the light and the dark
That really defines you and gives you your spark

When you choose to overlook what you know is wrong
It will keep you tied up where you really don’t belong
Try to find that place where you feel most strong
Where you can be yourself and sing your own song