From the recording The Clouds Gathered

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Blinded on the Inside

I was blinded on the inside
It shook me like a landslide
With so much here to unwind
It left me blinded on the inside

For many years I thought my way was clear
Love and truth I tried to hold so dear
I thought if I kept my eyes open wide
I might not be blinded on the inside

You might want to look the other way
Wishing it all will go away someday
There is some truth that just can’t be denied
You could end up being blinded on the inside

It may be that this pain will never be healed
Our own redemption may never be revealed
Deniers of the truth, I can no longer abide
Never again to be blinded on the inside

A family’s love is stronger than your foolish pride
Don’t forget they held safe you when you were hurt and cried
Hold on with all your might, don’t run away and hide
Never let go of this truth, don’t keep your love inside