1. Bed of Coals

From the recording The Clouds Gathered

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Bed of Coals

I’m walking on a bed of coals
All around me are lost souls
My feet don’t feel the pain
I might be going insane
I’m walking on a bed of coals

You might not know what I mean
Maybe if you’d seen what I’ve seen
There is a way out
It leaves me with no doubt
You can’t count on how the dice rolls

Perhaps you think I should not complain
But if you give me a chance to explain
The heat builds up so slow
You think there’s no place to go
No longer sure of what this path holds

Some have chosen to stay deniers
I’m trying not to add fuel to the fire
There’s only so much we can stand
Some are calling to disband
Before the ashes get cold, let the truth be told